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Three Quick Tips to Prepare for Your OktoBEARfest 5K!

Before you embark on your 5K route, it's always important to prepare yourself physically and mentally. Here are some helpful tips from our friends at Hohman Rehab Physical Therapy:

1. Dynamic stretching - Always warm-up before a training run or a race by using proper stretching techniques. It’s not recommended to do static stretching before a race or run because the it’s calming to the nervous system, which is counterproductive right before a run. This can include:

Leg swings – great for your hips

Pogos and skipping – a great way to prime your hips and ankles

Standing open books – a movement to loosen up your mid-back

and help with overall rotation during your run

2. Good water intake – Hydration is super important before and during your run or walk, especially in the Florida heat!

3. Nutrition to support your run – Allow your body to have the proper carbohydrate stored in order to perform during the run.

Author: Maryann Daniels, Physical Therapist at Hohman Rehab and Sports Therapy, with a specialty in running and performance

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