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Meet Luke!

We had the rare opportunity to witness the impact Bears Who Care makes on hospital patients, especially very young ones. Meet Luke, an 11-month old recipient of a Bailey (our official Bears Who Care teddy bear) and a book. He recently had to undergo a five-hour, intense surgery at AdventHealth for Children.

Luke's story is being shared by his mother, Carissa, who graciously agreed to provide us with photos and updates about Luke and his favorite teddy bear. Apparently, Luke keeps it with him at all times, and you can see from the photos and video the special bond they have formed!

Conceptually, we know we want to comfort children when they need it most, but to have a behind-the-scenes view of that vision in action means more than words can express. With all hospitals, they have to be careful about germs, so we usually deliver the teddy bears and books to the staff members and then they distribute the items to the patients. Luke reminds us of exactly why we continue to move forward with our mission to help children in need and are grateful for all of the support we get to make it possible. His story is what Bears Who Care is all about! #teddybearlove #comfortchildren

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